Gretchen Losurdo RN, iRNPA

Premier RN Patient Advocate, PLLC

Gretchen graduated from Evanston Hospital School of Nursing in 1977. She began her career at Loyola University in Maywood, Illinois and worked in a variety of medical specialties including Geriatrics, Medical/Surgical, Chronic Pain and Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Urology, Neurosurgery and the Spina Bifida Clinic. She moved in 1990 with her family to Scottsdale, Arizona and continued her nursing career at the Mayo Clinic for 23 years where the “needs of the patient comes first.” She is now retired from Mayo and assists patients in safely navigating their medical journey. Her extensive range of specialty experience and intensive educational training in RN Patient Advocacy in association with the University of Arizona has prepared her for this role as an RN Patient Advocate. She offers patients a unique combination of services that makes for an environment of medical discovery, empowerment, education and wellness. As your Personal RN Patient Advocate, Gretchen will attend to your best interest and empower you to make a difference in your health.

"Help the patient attain the best possible condition or outcome so that nature can act and self healing can occur"
...Florence Nightingale


"My wife of fifty-one years was diagnosed with Peritoneal Mesothelioma, a rare terminal cancer. She had reached the advanced stages of the cancer and required frequent draining of the liquid build-up in the abdominal cavity. Dr. Julia Files of the Mayo Clinic Medallion Program recommended Gretchen as a Nurse Advocate.

Gretchen was our private nurse until my wife's passing. She is a warm, caring and compassionate nurse who was very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive in dealing with the final stages of my wife's cancer. I could not have managed without her caring help and support.

I highly recommend Gretchen and know she will be as supportive and helpful with other patients and family members as she was with my wife and myself."

-Harry K. Easton PhD
Clinical Psychologist

"I have known Gretchen as a friend for many years but it wasn't until recently I had reason to use her services. A member of my family was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. Gretchen was able to put us on the right track with doctors, get us thorough information about the illness and break it down into understandable language. Gretchen is passionate about patient care and making sure patients are well informed and made sure we asked the right questions about treatment and medications. I highly recommend Gretchen! She is tenacious in getting the answers necessary to alleviate many fears and concerns associated with your family’s health issues."

-Linda S.

"Dear Mrs. Losurdo,
It was a pleasure speaking with you today. On behalf of the Airline, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your compassionate and professional Nursing skills provided to an ill passenger flying on our aircraft from Phoenix to Chicago on April 27, 2011."

-Airline Customer Relations

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